5 lessons learnt from babies

Everyday we learn something new and there is definitely no age bar to learn things. We get to know a lot of things from our surroundings, based on what is happening around us, from our neighbors or from people we meet.

But did you know there are few lessons I got to learnt from my darling daughter and that too when she was only few months old? Yes, I am serious I have learnt multiple things from my daughter and without any doubt I can say that all the babies have these qualities which each one of us can learn and try to implement in our lives. Yes, this is not joke and there are so many things we can learn even from kids. As there is no age bar to learn, there is no age bar to know from whom to learn also.

We generally think we elders know everything and are very intelligent. You might wonder how can a baby who entered the world only few months ago teach things. No, I am not speaking about actual teaching. But when observed carefully and when we take things, we will learn it ourselves and this can be bigger than any teachings.

Things I learnt from my baby, that I feel everyone must keep in their mind.

1. To love unconditionally:

I bet most of us have seen fake people around us. Many people even have freinds or relatives who pretend to like us but actually they don’t or are jealous. We are constantly pulled or are hurt by them but we fail to recognize.

But babies show their unconditional love to their parents, grandparents or to whomever they are attached to. They do not know how to fake love unlike grown up’s. They are always happy to be around people they like with no dual mind. Ofcourse, babies can never have dual mind like us adults. Such a innocent souls they are.

2. To trust blindly: 

Do you trust your freinds or your loved ones every time without a little bit of doubt? I am sure the answer is no for most of us. At some point or the other we doubt their move or their instincts. Definitely, we cannot trust everyone whom we meet blindly but we don’t trust the people we know either.
When we observe kids, we can learn from them about how to trust. Babies trust people whom they are attached to, a lot without any doubt in them.

3. Lack of ego:

Everyone has their own ego which is definitely affecting our relationship with others. We show our egos even to our near and dear one’s and keep our ego beyond the relationships which is doing no good at all.

And look at the babies, they absolutely have no ego at all and everyone should learn that. When a mother scolds, or when the father beats up a child, he/she will still go to them crying and a small hug or a cuddle is enough to make them smile. As we grow, our ego’s grow stronger and we need to cut it down and be like a baby. Leaving away our ego keeps us happy and content.

4. To be curious:

Many of us feel we know everything. And if we have to learn something, we do it only for the sake of learning and do not try to go in depth. We hardly care about things or are hardly curious to know anything.
When we observe, every baby is curious about what they see every day. And this curiosity leads them to explore things. If we can get curious like babies, then, we too will have an interest in learning new things.
Being curious helps us explore various things and also have in depth knowledge.

5.Happiness in little things:

We humans expect a lot and are never satisfied with what we have or with what is given. We always look to have more and more and the greed doesn’t end there. We can learn to be happy and satisfied from kids.
When you give a baby a small toy or any small thing that she needs, she is very happy about it and feels on top of the world. Expectations don’t get bigger or they don’t show any signs of dissatisfaction.

If we learn these small things and start making small changes, then our lives will get simpler and better. We will have less complaints and regrets and more happiness.

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